Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a vocational evaluation?

A Vocational Evaluation for Family Law/Dissolution cases provides the courts, mediators, judicial officers and the parties involved with objective, verifiable information regarding employability and earning capacity as one tool for determining appropriate support levels. In California, vocational evaluations may be ordered by the court, requested by one party, or agreed to by both parties.

What is the role of the Vocational Expert?

  • Provide objective, verifiable employment information
  • Maintain objectivity throughout the vocational evaluation process, regardless of the source of the referral
  • To ensure ethical treatment of the individual being evaluated
  • To communicate with all parties consistent with the assigned role as expert
  • Gather relevant information
  • Conduct all necessary research to as it pertains to employability and earning capacity
  • Prepare a professional report that includes vocational opinions, conclusions and recommendations

What does the process involve?

  • A meeting with Ms. Young – Typical meeting takes 1 – 2 hours. Information gathered includes:
    • Age and health
    • Education and work history
    • Discussion of job goals and job search effort
    • Other relevant information specific to the case
  • Academic and Interest testing when deemed necessary

What should I bring to the vocational evaluation appointment?

  • Please bring information regarding your employment history (a resume if you have one) and  your educational background.
  • If possible, a copy of your Social Security Earnings Record (available through
  • If you are participating in training program, bring all relevant details such as the training content, cost, times, etc.
  • If you are in the job search process, provide information of your efforts.
  • If you or children have a medical condition that impacts your ability to work, bring any relevant information/medical reports confirming the condition to the appointment.