Vocational Evaluations

The vocational evaluation process begins with a meeting with the petitioner or respondent in order to obtain all relevant information relating to work and educational history, social/family circumstances, health, interests/goals, and job search activity. If appropriate, vocational/interest testing is administered to help identify areas of strength and/or areas needing improvement. Extensive labor market research is then conducted to identify appropriate job openings. Research includes calls to employers to gather up to date information regarding salary, qualifications, and industry trends.

Once sufficient information is obtained, Ms. Young will prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the research results, and provides an opinion regarding the petitioner or respondent’s current employability and wage earning capacity.  The Vocational Evaluation, when appropriate will also contain recommendations on steps that would increase future earning capacity and employability.

Upon request, Ms. Young will provide expert witness testimony.

Labor Market/Wage Earning Capacity Research

On those occasions when a full vocational evaluation is not required, labor market/wage earning capacity research can be conducted without the need to meet with the petitioner or respondent. The research is based upon a review of materials provided to Kathleen Young, and includes direct telephone contact with employers and placement professionals. A report is then generated that includes a summary of the research results, followed by an expert opinion regarding the individual’s employability and wage earning capacity.

Career Counseling

From Ms. Young’s years of experience, she has found that career counseling services are most effective when tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Some individuals are in need of job placement assistance, while others are in need of career identification and planning. Whatever your situation may be, she will provide the guidance that sets you on the right path.

After a final meeting (if requested), Ms. Young will prepare a Return-to-Work plan that may include current wage earning information, test results, recommended occupations, training options, timelines, and the final career counseling recommendations. For those individuals who are going through a divorce, this report can be a valuable tool during mediation and/or settlement discussions.

Expert Witness Testimony

Kathleen Young has provided her expert opinion on vocational matters in both depositions and courtroom testimony. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Vocational Experts, Ms. Young is well versed in the importance of providing clear, concise, and objective testimony. Having given hundreds of hours of courtroom testimony, Ms. Young has developed a reputation for providing clear, concise, and objective testimony. Ms. Young has provided expert testimony per FC §4331, and qualified as an expert in San Diego, El Cajon, Vista, Hemet and Riverside County Superior Courts.